Some Kind of Arrangement (1997)

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    1997, 45:45 minutes, colour, English

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    Preety is the quintessential woman of the 90s: confident, independent and career-driven. But she’s about to do something most of her contemporaries would never consider — the 20 something accountant is preparing to enter into an arranged marriage. Focusing on three second-generation South Asians, Preety, Hanif and Rajni, this film is a smart, stylish and thoughtful examination of an age-old tradition in the midst of being adapted and transformed in North America. Engaging and refreshingly candid in their opinions, the three young people make it clear that arranged marriages aren’t what they used to be. Nowadays, they involve negotiation, beginning with introductory phone calls and matrimonial classifieds in East Indian community newspapers, and continuing with long-distance trips, lengthy get-to-know-each-other sessions and the option of saying “no.” For those who eventually say “yes” to an arranged marriage, the tradition represents a celebration of, and commitment to their Indian heritage. After her wedding, Preety is embarking on a new stage of life. As she says, it is a time for “getting to know the other person, and accepting whatever comes our way.”


    Review Excerpt

    ”This charming documentary profiles three throughly western, second-generation Indo-Canadians who surprise themselves by decideing to embrace one of the most life-affecting traditions of the the old world traditions: an arranged marriage.”
    – Tony Atherton, Ottawa Citizen

    ” …has wry humour and warmth as it captures the clash of cultures and the role the families bring to the dilemna of these three eligible candidates.”
    -Jim Bawden, Broadcast Week, Canada


 Ali Kazimi

    Ali Kazimi
Geeta Sindhi
    Executive Producer:
Louise Lore
    NFB Producers: 
Karen King, Claire Prieto
    Editor: Nick Hector
    CBC Commissioning Editor
:Janice Tufford
    Senior Researcher
: Nisha Pahuja
 Steve Munro
    Music Director & Sound Designer:
    Music: Wende Bartley

    Produced by 
Sondhi Productions in co-production with the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation and National Film Board of Canada


    A review by Darleen Golke (a teacher librarian at Fort Richmond Collegiate in Winnipeg, MB) published by the Manitoba Library Association, Canada



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