Narmada: A Valley Rises (1994)

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    1994, 87:00 minutes

    Narmada: A Valley Rises is beautifully photographed, inspiring film. It documents a 200 kilometre non-violent Gandhian march involving 6000 participants. The film offers a compelling and intimate portrait of a unique movement while raises critical and universal issues of human-rights, social justice, and development within a democracy.


    “Polished beyond its low-budget means, this film stands in the best tradition of committed film-making. For anyone worn down or cynical about social struggle, Narmada shows how it can be both effective and inspiring. Like most successful recent documentaries Narmada builds a narrative and introduces characters that carry an audience through a complex thicket of issues.”
    – Now Magazine, February 2-8, 1995, Canada

    “In a brilliant, moving depiction of anger and discontent the inhabitants of the valley come to life in their struggle against a perverse, warped concept of development.”
    – Sunday Magazine, January 22-29, 1995, India

    “The strength of Kazimi’s documentation does not lie in the dehumanizing objectivity of a statistician. It lies in the filmmaker’s commitment to humanism which makes the documentary not a transient social statement but a work of art which transcends time.”
    – The Hindu, January 8, 1995, India

    Audience Responses


Ali Kazimi
 Ali Kazimi
 Ali Kazimi
    Editors: Steve Weslak
 Ravi Sharma
    Sound Designer: Steve Munro
    Music: Mychael Danna


    Narmada Bachao Andolan

    India’s Greatest Planned Environmental Disaster: The Narmada Valley Dam Projects

    The Greater Common Good – a seminal essay about the Narmada by Arundhati Roy, 1999.


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