Narmada: A Valley Rises (1994)

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    1994, 87:00 minutes

    Narmada: AValley Rises is beautifully photographed, inspiring film. It documents a 200 kilometre non-violent Gandhian march involving 6000 participants. The film offers a compelling and intimate portrait of a unique movement while raises critical and universal issues of human-rights, social justice, and development within a democracy.


    “Polished beyond its low-budget means, this film stands in the best tradition of committed filmmaking. For anyone worn down or cynical about social struggle, Narmada shows how it can be both effective and inspiring. Like most successful recent doumentaries Narmada builds a narrative and introduces characters that carry an audience through a complex thicket of issues.”
    – Now Magazine, February 2-8, 1995, Canada

    “In a brilliant, moving depiction of anger and discontent the inhabitants of the valley come to life in their struggle against a perverse, warped concept of development.”
    – Sunday Magazine, January 22-29, 1995, India

    “The strength of Kazimi’s documentation does not lie in the dehumanising objectivity of a statistician. It lies in the filmmakerís committment to humanism which makes the documentary not a transient social statement but a work of art which transcends time.”
    – The Hindu, January 8, 1995, India


Ali Kazimi
 Ali Kazimi
 Ali Kazimi
    Editors: Steve Weslak
 Ravi Sharma
    Sound Designer: Steve Munro
    Music: Mychael Danna


    Narmada Bachao Andolan

    Friends of the River Narmada

    India’s Greatest Planned Environmental Disaster: The Narmada Valley Dam Projects

    The Greater Common Good – a seminal essay about the Narmada by Arundhati Roy, 1999.



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